You know, music gets me so excited that sometimes I can’t help myself but get depressed…  weird, right?  I love it so much it seems like there’s no use to making music when I LOVE listening to all the wonderful stuff out there, and I feel like my work will never compare.  But the truth is, it won’t, because when you make your own music, just like when I make my own paintings, it’s a different experience.  It just needs to be done, just like you need to dance sometimes, or go for a walk in the sunshine, but I do it because I love Ane Brun, Brooke Waggoner, Thomas Dybdal, and all these people that make me believe that music is the language of the soul!

I’m working on new stuff and can’t wait to share it.  I have some shows coming up- some that will feature the new songs.  Love you all.




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