What I’ve learned

When you want to learn something, a friend told me to ask the universe for the answers. You can ask God, the universe, whoever you trust to give you answers, but the key is to physically “ask”. I’ve been doing so quite a lot. lately. I’m learning everyday, and I feel like I’m more out of control that ever before. Life is living me.

I hear poems, lyrics, melodies, read words that tell me truths and give light to some form of understanding. But I know that I’ll never know it all. There’s too much. What I’ve learned:

– Seeking happiness through form will only sour it. Seek life and peace within your soul instead. Seek God. Then Happiness will follow.

– What’s easy is almost NEVER best.

-We all have a dream we must fulfill. If we suppress that dream, it will haunt us forever. (dramatic, right?)

-We are all the SAME. We are all experiencing life in different ways, but at the same time, our journey’s are the same.
We are all One.

-Change is good because it is inevitable.


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