Music to my Ears

That term is so over used- “Like music to my ears!”


Music is SO moving and it stirs emotion in us. If something is being compared to the thrills of hearing music, then it must be good. Wow!

I forget sometimes how important music is. I love art. Art is important, but music brings a certain joy, nostalgia, or sadness that the visual arts can’t be compared to. And let’s face it- dance isn’t really dance unless it’s to music.

Brooke Waggoner gives me hope for the music industry. A lot of people do but she’s so pure, and normal, and soft. I just think she resembles musical “health”. Listen to her album “Go Easy Little Doves” and hear what I’m talking about. She’s coming out with a new album soon, too, most likely within a few months. I can’t stand to even think about how fab it’s going to be.

When I listen to her songs, I just want to drink it in like sunshine and BE IT.


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