I always find that a day spent around hundreds of people makes for good alone time. I feel more reflective sometimes when I’m sitting at a small metal table outside with an open sketchbook, surrounded by hundreds of chatty people on their way to the next decorated department store.

My family has annually reserved the Friday or Saturday following Thanksgiving for the past 15 years in order to visit San Francisco. We are creatures of habit so we have always parked in the same garage, eaten at the same restaurant, and visited the same mall. I am not one to stick to staples. I much prefer to dilly dally around and stumble upon some new cafe or bistro if I can help it, but strangely enough I have no need for it when we do our SF trip! I like seeing the mall all decked out (it’s one of the few times I see a mall anyway!). I also like seeing the tree in union square, and eating at the Cheesecake Factory EVERY year.

I listened to a song by my favorite artist on the drive home- Joe Pug- called ‘How Good You Are’. My favorite line is this: ‘shut up with what you’ve chosen, and you’ll hear something choosing you.

The city has so many people and so much art, businesses, food, museums, parks, schools, buildings and walkways. we are all living and I forget that is what my art is about. Stop choosing it and let it choose you so you can live with the joy of just… Being what you are.

Here’s to shutting up.


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