Empty Houses

It’s funny, really, how life kind of takes you places without you knowing it has your back.  I have a fear of change.  It’s getting easier, but life has once again made it so that there’s no turning back.  My house is being put up for sale, so even if I had WANTED to stay, I couldn’t- at least not the way I was.  The roomies are out, and I’m living in a box of a house.  No fridge, no cook wear, washer/dryer, no shower curtain.  There is running water and electricity so really, I’m ok.  But I’m starting to feel how it will be on the road- a less-than home; shelter, running water, and a lack of “things”.  What are things, anyway?  I think it’s good to enjoy the items of this world, but to know they are still things.  I wanted this all along.  To rid myself of “extra” and hit the road.  Now, whether I’m ready or not, I’m getting what I wished for.

I leave in about a month with little to no things, a sketchbook, guitar, and a few things for the road.  I’m going to miss Orange County.  I’ve grown more in Southern California than I ever have in my hometown.  It isn’t just a new chapter- it’s “part 2”.

I love you all and will be taking you with me.



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