Hello, LA

viperoom flyer

Hi wonderful friends! I am gearing up for tour- scared, excited, nervous out of my mind. I love playing music and singing but I’ve always had a hard time “performing”. It’s when I’m at my best that I remember it’s all about sharing. I loooove sharing my music with you all. I love writing and recording, and putting it out there for anyone who wants to listen. With that said, I’ve been looking for a gig in LA, and I landed a cool gig at the Viper Room lounge in Hollywood this Sunday. I played around with Patrick’s amazing photography and made a lil flyer.

Other than that, I’ve been drawing a LOT of animals- going to work on a new portfolio. I wrote a couple news songs. and went for a bike ride up the Napa Valley; it’s good to be home for a while before hitting the road. I’m so thankful to have you all in my life. I will be taking all your goodness with me.