The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn.

So…. the Viper Room had a burst pipe, and I didn’t get to play.  I stood downstairs, waiting to ask about the acoustic show and when it would finally start:

“Oh, they didn’t tell you?” the irish lad (bouncer says).  He looks surprised.  “The promoters are on their way over here.”

I wait and these two young girls who look like friends of the Olsen twins walk toward me.

“Ohh…. the lounge has a really bad leak.  I’m sooo sorry.”  They were genuine, and it wasn’t a big deal.  How could I get mad at such adorable hipsters? I mostly felt a sort of guilt because some friends came out from 50+ miles away to see me in the Viper Room and it’s been cancelled.

It turns out to be just fine, really.  We go out to eat a great restaurant down the street and sing karaoke in a bar full of attractive professional singers who must have worked on Broadway.  It is such an “LA” kind of night that you remember why tourists flock to Hollywood from all around the globe.


Later in the week I spend time with wonderful people who have been in my life for the past 8 years.  I go to Disneyland and draw, out to eat with old friends, stay at a couple’s house who take care of me all week, go to the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and see creepy puppets, and overwhelm myself the Last Bookstore.

It’s been a great week, and a great beginning to my tour, even though I didn’t get to play any music.  Here’s to new cities, small adventures, big adventures, and to new and old friends!

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1521236_10153709696010363_2062484917_n bob’s theatre1525421_10153709696040363_285065166_nah! real puppets!