Writing Fiction

Well friends,

I’ve been packing.  You learn a lot about yourself when you have to plan and execute something all of your own.  And I’ve learned that I am a big ole scaredy cat.

4 I plan on taking some books and lots of drawing materials.  I’m as excited to sketch as I am to sing, which is weird because they are two very opposite things.  One involves being uber quiet and not talking to anyone, and the other requires standing in front of a crowd talking a LOT.  My love for both of these things has always baffled me.  Although I think all creative acts do go hand in hand, the energies you have to conjure are not equal.

I will very much miss this little furry creature- the house cat, Polly:



Sketching some family members and customers at Peet’s Coffee in Napa.
1Now that I’m home, where I grew up, it’s almost harder to leave.  I know I can come back, but it feels like the old me won’t.  I will reappear after all of this with new songs, a book full of drawings, and a very different appreciation of things.  That’s what I’m hoping for.  I’ll be writing my fiction up and down that road, learning about what it means to make art and share it.  It’s a bad time of year to be doing this.  I chose terrible weather, I have no job, and I’m doing it alone.  But…. there’s this voice (could be the kind you should ignore I don’t know) that says do it, I dare you.  When I write music, I feel at home.  And I want to do that for a little while.  So I am, whether it’s smart or not?

So, there is a theme song for this post- it’s my new single, “Your Own Fiction”.  Let me know what yours will be.  We are all in charge of how we live our life, even if it’s as simple as “with a smile”.  I hope it’s the kind of song that makes you feel a little stronger.

Do what you love, when you can, not for money or for yeehaws, but for yourself.

New single HERE   Hope you enjoy!