Little Annie on the Prairie


Oh hey, Kurt! It’s the lead singer/guitarist from the “Gin Doctors”.  Saw them at Illegal Pete’s LODO last night.  They kill at the 90’s hits, I tell ya.

Left the good ole Colorado this morning at about 7am.  My dear friend sent me on the road with cinnamon bread, banana cream pie, valentines candy, and bubbly water.  I am blessed with good friends and lots of sugar.kansas2

It was sad leaving Colorado because I love the wonderful friends I have there. But the drive into Kansas was exhilarating.  It’s open and golden right now (some would say brown), and single abandoned structures pepper the landscape every few miles.  I was on the phone explaining about how great it was to my dear friend Marilyn Scott-Waters, unconsciously speeding, and got pulled over by Kansas Highway Patrol…  Oops….

Then I saw this beauty:

HT_kidney_billboard_sr_131213_16x9_608 I wanted to help but sadly, I’m selfish and I plan on keeping my kidneys for now.  I feel terrible deep down, and I hope she gets help.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could grow kidneys in a greenhouse?  Wait, do we DO that?

Further into Kansas I saw a wicked Antique shop on the side of the road- closed of course.

kansas3 kansas4 I like Kansas.  I even came up with a weird “life after death/wizard of oz” story idea while I was out there.  I found the prairie inspiring, and I look forward to seeing Oklahoma tomorrow in the daylight.

Forever yours,

The Runaway.