Austin and New Orleans

Ok, so the road has ben treating me verrrrry well.  Austin was a gem- dirty 6th is a must since it’s so famous, but Rainy street and South Congress rocked HARD.  Gary, Terrie, Jane, and Dave (open mic family) came out and played a set/played the show with me, and in general, explored, devoured, and conquered the city with me.  We had the BEST time.  Mostly, we ate.
photo (4)
unnamed-2Don’t get me started on New Orleans.  What??  Burbon St, is REAL.  And the whole time, I thought to myself, Disneyland is glamorizing the French Quarter.  But noooo, it actually looks like that.  It’s beautiful and hip, and sexy, and ooooold.


I also got to play with two great bands/musicians at the Circle Bar.  The first band was the Irrelephants (they’re new and tons of fun).  The other was Aaron Lopez-Barrantes.  Here’s his website, he is AMAZING!  Buy his music!!!  Make him famous because he deserves it.















I am so lucky to have met such amazing people.  My family and friends have been so supportive and it has shown me so much goodness and love in this world.  It really is a wonderful place.

Keep it real,



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