The South

The South is a beautiful place- large trees stand on the horizon line, and birds jump from branch to branch, always singing sweet and clear.  The air is thick and the houses are old.  It makes one feel smaller in the best way.  I’ve been enjoying a few morning walks and reflecting on this amazing experience.

More on that soon. For now, here are the photos:ImageMy beautiful cousin Melissa.


King Cake baby prize.

ImageHistoric house in Starkville from the mid 1800’s.


ImageOn to Nashville today.  Always one ville to another, I say.

Your’s truly,

The Runaway.


3 thoughts on “The South

  1. So glad you are soking up all the history that our beautiful country has to offer on your journey of discovery. I miss you please be safe. What part of the south are you in? Have dun sing hard. Love you Annie. Kathy G

  2. Beauty! I love Mississippi. My mom grew up in a shotgun shack like the little red cabin during the Depression. In the forties they bought a two story house that was part country store. Glad that you are having a wonderful adventure, Hugs, M

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