I’m Baaaack!

The tour is over!  I’m back in Napa, settling into a new job, and planning my next attack on the music world.  I heard so much music, met so many people, and tasted so much delicious food!  I have ample amounts of material just waiting to pour out.  and it is— my brain is flooded and spilling with ideas.  I can barely contain myself.  I find that I am easily excited about creative ventures, and easily distracted too.

Favorite place- New Orleans

Most memorable food- Veggie Beet brat at “Banger’s” in Austin

Best Museum- Woody Guthrie museum in Tusla, OK

Coolest street- Rainey Street in Austin TX

Coldest City on tour- Nashville. Brrrrrrrr.


I have a show in Hollywood at the end of this month.  You can buy tickets on my website- TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!.  Just go to the TOUR tab and click on the banner.  It’s at the House of Blues on Sunset in the snazzy lounge area. Oh and Matt and the Missing is playing the set with me!!  If you haven’t heard his music yet, then please listen.  He rocks! 


And some more news!!!

I’m releasing a new EP for FREE next week.  You can donate towards the cost if you like, or just download it for free and enjoy.  I just want you to have it!!  The wonderful people who donated toward my tour will get a special hard copy mailed to them- otherwise it’s just a digital download, folks.  Keep your eyeballs peeeeled.




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