Noistrade Love!

You know, I’m so loved. We all are.  It’s amazing- sometimes someone will come along and support what you do, and it’s like an extra birthday.  I released my EP, “The Runaway” on, and they liked it enough to feature it on their front page.  How cool is that?  Since then, a few other sites have contacted me and I am so honored and tickled!

Here’s the link to download the EP for free if you like, or for whatever you want to pay for it:

12345 copy


Noisetrade releases music all the time, supporting indi artists, authors, and some big names who want to get their music out to people whether they can pay for it or not.  I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter.

On a side note, I’ve been obsessed with David Ramirez who is coming to town in a week for a house concert.  I am GOING.  Here’s a great video, one that should make you smile and feel loved.  enjoy.


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