Story Time!

I realize, after being asked, “How was your tour”, I always say, “It was awesome!  I have an amazing time!”.  But I haven’t really shared my stories with anyone.  Not the real stuff, and not in a “slow” way, the way you should recount a month long experience.  I’ve never been one to tell long stories because I don’t feel like I can entertain the other person.  But I’m going to write a week at a time for no purpose other than to have it all down in writing and to satisfy those of you who have asked to hear all about my tour.

In the beginning there was the word.


How did I get this crazy idea?  Well, I had been painting runaways and writing stories about people who left home and set out to find something.  I had an itch.  I felt like moving back to Northern California so I could explore that itch and see what else was out there.  Then it grew and turned into a road trip.  Then a tour.  Or was it a tour, then a road trip?  Who knows.

I set out January 30th with my dad in my honda.  I didn’t have much money- just enough to purchase the gas needed to get out to Nashville and ….maybe get back. My Mom was secretly terrified, my Dad a little scared but excited for me to play my music all over the country.  

We drove down hwy 5 toward Phoenix to stop for the night and see my uncle.  The plan was to visit with him a for a few hours, then drive the rest of the way to Denver the next day.  We talked our chins off and got to know each other better than ever.  It had been about 8 years since I lived at home and it was so special to have him to myself in a box on wheels for a couple days.  Dad- I love you.  

But we ended up enjoying each other too much because we forgot to fill up the car and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere Arizona.  I happily got out of the car and played my guitar while we waited for a guy to bring us some gas from 30 miles out.  My Dad reflected on the situation with frustration.  “I should have filled up the gas tank.  If only I had looked at the gage at our last exit…..”.  First lesson of the trip- things don’t always go as planned and they don’t have to.  Go with the flow.  I have to say it was a beautiful night.  Just me and my Dad, the bright stars twinkling above the Arizona desert, and a cool breeze to remind us the world is alive.


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