I don’t use this anymore ??

So, I’m terrible at consistent blogging!  But that’s because lives change, shit happens, and people move.  Like me.  I moved.  It’s been tough wanting to play music because I’ve been going throughs some personal stuff, which makes for great music, but doesn’t make for much motivation.

I have, however, been doing lots of art at RethinkDB (@rethinkDB on twitter) and over on my art website:  And I’m getting back to some music.  No more than 8 minutes ago I posted a freshly recorded demo on Soundcloud. Wanna hear?  OK!

I post links now.  No pictures.  Sorry.  I work in the tech industry and I don’t have time for photos!  This is not true of tech persons and I am just being a brat.


Lots of love,




P.S. Listen to the SONG!


It’s been so long that WordPress changed their UI design

“Where you been??”

I’ve been figuring out why the heck I play music. What’s the point? Well, I won’t tell you my conclusion because I still don’t get it, but I AM working on some new projects like……a music video.

a n d

30 Day Song Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This might just mean other parts of my life will suffer like my outings to the gym, my sanity, and cooking at home. And I might fail like I did last time! It’s ok, I want to try because heck- I ain’t trying anything right now!

What have YOU all been up to?